Noble Bell - Freelance .Net Developer

Focused on delivering the results you need to succeed.

Hi, I am Noble!

I am a freelance software developer specializing in working with the Micrsoft .Net stack. I develop desktop, web, mobile, and office applications for single users or large enterpises.

I love helping people meet goals and succeed in their projects.


You can download a PDF version of my resume here.


Dana Medley (Independent Contractor) says:
"I worked with Noble while he was a developer. It was always a pleasure working together with him on projects. He is a hard worker and out of the box thinker and is always there to provide additional solutions to problems we were having from a development stand point."

Jedidiah May (Software Engineer at LeaderOne Financial) says:
"Noble was always a dependable member of the team. He contributed in the daily meetings consistently, offering advice, questioning directions, and overall driving the team to a better direction. His technical and personal skills are fantastic."

Justin McClain (.Net Software Developer) says:
"I always enjoyed working with Noble on projects. He is quite amiable, and likes to dig in troubleshoot. Him and I spent many hours together working on an enterprise project. He is good with .Net, a lot of database work and can definitely handle his own. With his experience, he is always good to have on your team, not to mention he is always digging to stay up to date on the latest tech! I will definitely miss working with him."

Ralph Daigle (Senior Software Engineer at Nucor Buildings Group) says:
"Great teammate to work. We share interests in Python, C#, Database and Micro-controller technologies. Noble will always look for the best solution to solving problems and share ideas with others."

Contact Me...

Drop me an email if you would be interested in learning more or hiring me to help on a project. I will help you get results.