I have been developing computer software since 1983. To most, that is a long time in this career. To me, I am just getting started. There is always something new and interesting to play with. I currently enjoy working with C#, Python, Lua, BASIC, and PHP. That also includes PyGame and Love-2d game libraries.

I live in the beautiful state of Kentucky with my wife Kristi, Kaitlin, Christian, and Reagan. I enjoy family time, playing games, sports, reading, writing, drawing, and just relaxing.

I am an avid St. Louis Cardinals baseball fan, UK Wildcats Basketball fan, Western KY Hilltoppers football and basketball fan, and Tennessee Titans football fan.

Lastly but most importantly I am a believer in Jesus Christ and I teach adult Bible study and work in the media ministry as  a video production director.

This website/blog is a collection of software, articles, and blog posts that I have written that I wish to share with anyone that may find interest in them. Most of the content is pertaining to my career as a software engineer but there are other tidbits mixed in.