Laptop/Desktop BIOS Woes

I have not been having a real good run on computers lately it seems. I have a four-year old HP laptop that was running along just fine. Then one day recently it suddenly would not come on. I was trying to get some needed files to move to another computer I had just purchased. Whenever I would turn it on nothing would happen except for the “caps lock” light would flash in a specific pattern. I looked it up and discovered that my BIOS was corrupt. Nice! Not real sure how that happened.

So I went through all the procedures I could find on HP’s website and other locations to no avail. I simply could not get it to work. So here I am with a $299 laptop I purchased four years ago, that is still a great computer, collecting dust. Do I send it in for repair or let it go?

As fate would have it.. Something similar happened to my HP desktop. It is a little bit older than the laptop. It happened about three days later. I done a little bit more research and found something on HP’s site for it. It kind of made me laugh a little bit when I read what I was supposed to do. (It reminded me of the button/controller pad combinations you would have to do in order to enter cheat codes into a video game.)

  1. Turn on the computer and repeatedly press the F10 key for eight seconds.
  2. Press the Down arrow three times.
  3. Press the Enter key twice.
  4. Restart the computer.

I tried this and it WORKED!!  I am amazed. My desktop is back and running. Turns out that series of key presses was designed to reset and update the BIOS in the event your display was not working.

Would it work on the laptop too? I don’t know. I have not tried it yet. But I might in the next few days.. 🙂