Hello, my name is Noble Bell.

In today’s fast-paced world of technology and need-it-now answers, simplicity is the key to being successful.

I have been in the technology industry for over 30+ years. I develop custom web and mobile solutions to help small to medium size clients solve their business problems and achieve goals.

Being a small business owner myself I can work with my clients one-on-one and help them meet their goals.

I can help you...

If you are looking for a custom website or a custom web application I can help you reach you goals using some of today's leading web technologies like Bootstrap, Django/Python, HTML, CSS, JavaScript.

I do custom mobile Android applications using native Java or Kotlin. If you need a specialized mobile application but do not know where to turn. I can help you with that.

Are you needing to import/export data from existing software? I can help you by custom writing a tool to handle just about all your data integration needs.

"Flashy" tech is great, but does it give you dependable results? Get in touch today. I specialize in helping people meet their goals!