Here are some of the great clients that I have worked with...

Almost all of the code that I have written is considered private and I am not allowed to disclose it or the projects that I have worked on. Please understand that I take privacy and security very seriously.


People are saying...

I worked with Noble while he was a developer. It was always a pleasure working together with him on projects. He is a hard worker and out of the box thinker and is always there to provide additional solutions to problems we were having from a development stand point.

Dana Medley (Independent Contractor)

Noble was always a dependable member of the team. He contributed in the daily meetings consistently, offering advice, questioning directions, and overall driving the team to a better direction. His technical and personal skills are fantastic.

Jed May (Tavant)

Great teammate to work. We share interests in Python, C#, Database and Micro-controller technologies. Noble will always look for the best solution to solving problems and share ideas with others.

Ralph Daigle (TEK Systems)
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